Truss + XGBoost for Rapid Model Deployment

Truss is an open source framework for packaging models built using any framework so that they can be deployed to the environment of your choosing. This article looks at using Truss to deploy a simple XGBoost model.

A Slack-ers guide to Twitch streams

This guide is written as a primer for those of us who feel pretty cool when we upload a new Slack emoji, but feel a little lost when we tune in to a Twitch stream.

TPUs + Cassava Leaf Disease

Originally published as a Kaggle notebook, this article walks through the various steps of training a deep learning model for the Cassava Leaf Disease competition while using Tensor Processing Units (TPU) to accelerate computations.

Dive into {dplyr}

New to {dplyr}? This post is a thorough introduction to the basics of the {dplyr} R package, and covers the five main functions: arrange(), filter(), select(), mutate(), and summarise()

{tidymodels} and XGBoost

A gentle introduction to using {tidymodels} with XGBoost, this post goes through all of the necessary steps to train an XGBoost model and make predictions using the Palmer Penguins data set.